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Other hotels


Hotel Atos

Mělnická 13, Praha 5

+420 251 512 890

Laundry service

Hotel Victoria

Seifertova 26, Praha 3

+420 222 712 980

Tram stop to go to the centre

Hotel City Centre

Revoluční 1081, Praha 1

+420 224 814 650

Hotel in the centre of Prague

Hotel City Central

Sokolská 1492/21, Praha 2

+420 242 430 003

Near the centre of Prague

Hotel Globus

Gregorova 2115/10, Praha 4

+420 296 799 100

Hairdresser in the hotel

Hotel Astra

Mukařovská 22, Praha 10

+420 274 813 595

Café in the hotel

Hotel Gloria

Prokopova 20, Praha 3

+420 296 799 501

Near the centre of Prague

Hotel City Inn

Hybernská 13, Praha 1

+420 224 216 776

Hotel in the centre of Prague

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